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Volksbank Romania

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Solution
for iOS / Android / Windows Phone
Mobile Banking

Volksbank Romania Mobile Banking

iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Digital Expression was approached to deliver a Mobile Banking solution that covers all three major mobile platforms, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, using native development.

Volksbank Romania Mobile Banking

The challenges

brief specs, continuous changes, complex management, specific security

Challenge 01: brief specs, continuous changes

Starting with brief specs and continuously improving and changing them during development, Digital Expression managed to successfully deliver the best solution to conclude this project.

To easily handle that dynamic behavior and continuous fluctuation for the specifications we chose to:
- Focus primarily on functionality;
- Implement a robust design using mainly default UI elements, this way also extending the usability on multiple devices;
- Reuse any code we could from previous projects and include our custom frameworks and libraries as those were already tested and stable;
- Use some open source libraries for development.

Challenge 02: complex management

Managing this project was also a real challenge as Volksbank management empowered multiple entities and departments to take decisions and make requests on this project. This way, the communications got to Digital Expression from multiple directions, in multiple formats.
Many times, requests from one Volksbank's department were incompatible with another department requests, so Digital Expression had to be a buffer, synthesizing and organizing the communication, thus getting the right directions.

Challenge 03: specific security

The security request were very strict thus Digital Expression had to find a solution and so we created a challenge-response security algorithm that will work on all three platforms, using native Objective-C, Java and C# coding.
Mobile Banking Security

Performance and security

all native, JSON, challenge-response security algorithm

To fully benefit from each platform's performance, since we were developing native applications, we also considered data transfer speed and security.
Therefore we decided to:
- Have all the communication with JSON via REST web services;
- Create a fast challenge-response security algorithm and used it only when needed, to optimize the performance and speed

Volksbank Mobile Banking